Go Pro

Master Scuba Diver Trainer preparation Course

In the MSDT Prep it’s all about diving!

We will teach you in the water how to teach and conduct 5 different PADI specialties.

As a new instructor it’s important to have as much education as possible, as it will help you find your first instructor job. Many dive centers even require that applicants are specialty instructors, so the can teach a variety of more courses in the center.

For you the benefit is also big. Not only are you more employable, but also get to teach a more diversity range of courses in your work place. One day you will be teaching the Open Water Course, maybe the next day a wreck diving course on Nitrox. The options are many and the advantages are huge of becoming a PADI specialty instructor.

Here are some of the most popular ones we teach:

Wreck Specialty Instructor

This takes place in the Puerto Morelos Marine Park on the C56 cannon boat.

It’s an excellent site for learning how to teach students in wreck diving techniques. Lots of possibilities for long penetration dives with line practice and limited light.

Equipment Specialty Instructor

Is conducted by Scuba Pro’s (dive gear manufacture) main technician. He will show you how to service and maintain the most popular regulators, first stages and BCD inflator systems. There is no other IDC centre that offers this program and workshop. Upon completion you will be awarded a certificate by Scuba Pro.

Enriched Air Specialty Instructor

A must for all instructors. 70% of all divers dive with Nitrox. We have included 2 dives on Nitrox as a bonus.

These dives will of course be completed on our Wreck Specialty dives, as we need the extra bottom time.

Deep Specialty Instructor

Most likely the most popular Instructor Soecialty with dives are conducted in the beautiful marine park of Cozumel Island. Here we have vertical walls dropping down to 600meters!! Learning to teach deep diving in these conditions are priceless.

Search and Recovery

An often underrated specialty course. But at GoPro Playa we teach you the techniques and show you the tools how you can make this PADI specialty your favorite to teach. Mixed with a bit of background from technical diving, makes this course a unique experience.